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NewTec AZ210 射频切换开关

The AZ200 Universal Switching System is a powerful and modular product designed to provide a cost eff ective N+1
protection scheme for a wide variety of equipment such as modulators, demodulators, modems, converters, encoders and

The AZ200 meets simple and complex demanding protection requirements by operating and controlling up to 36 internal
switching modules.
The very high modularity of the AZ200 guarantees the design optimization for each confi guration, reducing the cost and
providing a high reliability.
The internal switching modules are inserted in the AZ200 main unit, or, for complex confi gurations, in up to eigth AZ200
extension units, connected to the main AZ200 unit.
Switching can be done automatically through alarm contacts,manually through the front panel or the dedicated web interface,
or remotely via a monitoring and control system.
When the automatic mode is activated, the AZ200 monitorscontinuously the set of parameters governing the switching
operation in order to activate the redundant path while triggering the loading of parameters from memory.
The AZ200 provides a wide range of switching capabilities for almost any input and output signals used in satellite
communications. The range of switchable signals include ASI, G.703, SDH, HSSI or IP interfaces, as well as IF, L-band or RF band
Key features
• Dual redundant power supply – Main & Extension unit
• Automatic or manual operational mode
• Operates and controls up to 36 switching modules
• Switchable signals: ASI, IP, G.703, SDH, HSSI, IF, L-band
and RF-band
• Stand alone operation or integrated in a network
management system
• Suitable for any equipment with alarm contacts